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Please review this agreement prior to checking a carrier out.

1.  Only Carry Long Island, Inc. Members may borrow carriers at this time.

2. Your membership period begins as soon as your payment is received.  You can immediately check out carriers without a wait list, or begin to sign up on wait lists for other carriers.

3. You, the member, assume the responsibility for safely using all carriers, and you assume the risk for using all carriers. Each time you borrow a carrier, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Carry Long Island, its leaders and members, for any harm that may result to you or your child from the use of the carrier.

4.  Carriers are checked out at meetings, and must be returned to the same meeting they were checked out from. Two carriers may be checked out at a time per person. The carrier may be checked out for 30 days. They may not be signed out back to back, unless no one is waiting for said carrier(s). You may not sign out the same carrier more than twice in one calendar year. If you are unable to return it to the meeting, you are responsible for contacting the Educator or librarian and making arrangements to either drop the carrier off, or mailing the carrier back via Priority Mail with tracking. It must be RECEIVED BEFORE the date of the meeting.

5. There is a $5 fee for returning a carrier after the first 15 minutes of the meeting on it's due date, plus $2/day beyond the due date. In extenuating circumstances, the Chapter may choose to waive fees if the member has contacted the educator or librarian at least 24 hours ahead of the meeting and makes prompt arrangements to return the carrier. Please contact the librarian or the Educator if you have any questions about returning a carrier.

6. Do not expose a library carrier to smoke of any kind. This includes tobacco smoke, bonfire smoke, incense, or any other smoke you can think of. Do not use a library carrier where people are smoking, and do not store a carrier where it is exposed to smoke (such as in a car of someone who smokes). If a library carrier is returned smelling of smoke you will be responsible for the full cost of replacing the carrier, in addition to any late fees incurred.

7. Carriers are expected to be returned neatly folded and ready for the next borrower, with the bag it came in, along with all of the necessary instructions that came with it. You are not required to wash the carrier unless it is dirty. You are responsible for following manufacturer’s recommendations when laundering any library carrier. Please contact the EDUCATOR or LIBRARIAN before you wash your library carrier. You may not use any detergents with fragrance. Detergents to use are as follows: Ecos unscented, Ecover unscented, Vaaska unscented, and Eucalan unscented for wool which is to be handwashed only. NEVER USE: bleach, fabric softeners (liquid or sheets), powder detergent, optical brighteners, or oxygen cleaners.


8.  Carry Long Island reserves the right to request a deposit for the carrier’s replacement value.

9. Carriers must be returned in the same condition in which they were borrowed or you will be subject to cleaning fee of at least $10, in addition to any possible late fees incurred. Please contact the librarian or the educator if cleaning is needed.

10. Please treat library carriers with respect. If you damage a carrier you are responsible for the full cost of replacing the carrier, in addition to any late fees incurred. It is up to the sole discretion of the Carry Long Island leaders to determine what is a damaged/ruined carrier, and to determine a replacement value up to market value cost.

11. Violation of any of these policies may result in termination of a member’s library privileges without a refund of dues.

12. If you are due to pick up a carrier at a meet and you do not show up without making prior arrangements with the librarian or the educator, the carrier will go to next in line and you will have to add your name to the waitlist again. Please note: Librarians and Educators are under no obligation to make additional arrangements for carrier distribution outside of a meeting. This will be decided on a case by case basis at the Educator’s discretion. Please make sure to contact the Educator or Librarian to make alternate arrangements in the case of emergencies only.

13. If you have failed to pick up a carrier at a meet and do not show multiple times, you may have your library privileges suspended or revoked without a refund of dues.

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