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Jeannette Mastrosimone

Co-Vice Presidents

Allegra Ciampi

Seanna Mallon





Community Outreach

Chair: Allegra Ciampi


Chair: Jess Hoffmann-McNeill


Chair: Ashley Kjarbo


Chair: Jeannette Mastrosimone


Chair: Seanna Mallon

Social Media and Marketing

Chair: Lauren Newman



Carry Long Island, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is run exclusively by volunteers. Without volunteers, our educational, social and outreach programs would not be possible! Please take a moment to meet the volunteers for our chapter:

Jeannette Mastrosimone


Jeannette has been wearing her daughter Arya since she was 5-6 months old, who will be 4 in November. Jeannette went to her first Long Island Babywearing meeting to learn about the benefits of carrying her child because of chronic neck and back pain. When she left, she had a love for wrapping and soft structured carriers. Jeannette started coming to meetings all over the island, eager to help in any way she could and started volunteering with BWILI. 

Today, Jeannette is a co-founder and President of Carry Long Island, and is head librarian for the lending libraries throughout LI. She is dedicated to serving the community here in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. She looks forward to expanding meeting locations and adding more outreach events to reach more caregivers.

Allegra Ciampi

Trained Volunteer

Allegra has been wearing her children since 2013, with the birth of her first daughter Autumn. Wearing her baby in carriers and wraps quickly became a passion and a parenting necessity. Inspired by helping other care givers learn these skills, Allegra set out to found Long Island's first babywearing educational Non Profit Organization, BWI LI. After the birth of her second daughter in 2017, Allegra continued to wear her baby and volunteer teaching care givers on Long Island. Today, she is a co founder of Carry Long Island, and is committed to the ongoing  support of care givers and birthers of all kinds through this education. 

Seanna Mallon

Trained Volunteer

Seanna started using wraps and baby carriers with her first son Bobby when he was a few weeks old. She started with a ring sling and Moby Wrap, and saw the benefits right away. Seanna and joined the Long Island babywearing community when he was a few months old. She loved the group and its members so much, she started volunteering when it became a Babywearing International chapter.Today she continues carrying her youngest son Danny, born in 2017. Seanna serves as a Vice President on the Board of Directors of Carry Long Island, and volunteers at the Wantagh and Williston Park Meetings monthly.  

Lauren Newman

Trained Volunteer

Lauren began her Babywearing journey 15 years ago with her oldest using a Snugli carrier. With her two daughters, she used a Moby wrap and Ergobaby Carrier. After being in the Babywearing Facebook Group for over a year, she finally got herself to a meeting and a new journey began. With her youngest, she has found a love for the art of wrapping. She wears him daily and prefers shorter wraps or the Connecta for her little leg-straightening, seat popper. You can usually find her at Lindenhurst Meets.

Jessica Hoffmann-McNeill

Trained Volunteer

Jess has been wearing since her first son was born seven years ago. She is a educator and her interests include tandem carrying and special needs. She has her masters degree in Music Education and is also a trained Suzuki violin teacher. She is currently a SAHM/WAHM and co-owner of a baby wrap company called Emmeline Textiles. She currently prefers short wraps and soft-structured carriers, and her videos for all carrier types have helped many people in our group, both new and experienced.

Abigail Gardner Athanasopoulos

Trained Volunteer

A fine art appraiser by profession, Abby has worn both of her two children in some capacity. Beginning in 2012, she sporadically wore her first-born in both a stretchy wrap and soft structured carrier and, after the birth of her second son in 2015, she discovered woven wraps at a local BWI meeting and began to wear much more consistently. After volunteering in a supportive role with BWI, Abby became a babywearing educator and - when not teaching at the Williston Park or Wantagh meetings - continues to wrap her almost three year-old whenever he'll let her!

Amanda Gray-Merckling

Trained Volunteer

Amanda began wearing her first daughter over 5 years ago with a buckle carrier and a stretchy wrap. She quickly realized the benefits to both caregiver and baby and she began learning about and trying all different types of carriers. A Webster certified chiropractor by education Amanda is currently a SAHM/WAHM and Beachbody wellness coach. She is the educator for our Suffolk East area and her current favorite carriers are short woven wraps, Ring sings, Connectas and Onbuhimos.

Ashley Kjarbo


According to Ashley, she was late to the Babywearing scene and started when her son was around 18 months old & went straight to toddler sized Soft Stuctured carriers. After seeing all the lovely patterns, prints and designs, she fell hard into wraps. Even though her wearing days are far & few between, she still loves every second that she gets to keep her little guy close.

Charli Shafiroff Nelson


Charli started wearing her baby in a K'tan and Ring Sling soon after she was born in January. She later came to her first BWI meet and fell down the wrap rabbit hole. She works closely with many animal rescues and fosters hospice dogs. She loves woven wraps and Connectas for daily adventures but still reaches for a ring sling for quick ups. She attends the Nassau meets regularly.

Elizabeth Parache


Elizabeth is a mom of 4 who began her baby wearing journey 13 years ago with her oldest child. When her second daughter was delayed and diagnosed with autism, babywearing was life saving. Her daughter did not crawl or walk until she was 17 months old. Being able to wear her while tending to her oldest child was heaven sent. Although her baby wearing journey began early on, it was not until two years ago that she discovered wraps and other carriers besides soft structured carriers. Today Elizabeth is enjoying her newest perfect addition, Kayla. 

Jennifer Collins


Jenn did not know very much about Babywearing before her son was born. She attended her first meeting when her son was 6 weeks old. She immediately joined as a member and has been borrowing library wraps ever since. Her favorites are woven wraps and the Connecta. She has become a regular at the Lindenhurst and Wantagh meetings as a volunteer. She has fallen in love with Babywearing and is so excited to become more involved to share it with others.

Krista Oliveira


Krista first heard about BWILI when she was pregnant with her second child and had never carried at all with her then 4-year-old son. She started researching a carrier and ended up buying a Lillebaby complete. After her daughter arrived she decided a Connecta would better suit her. Once she decided to attend a meeting she quickly developed a love and appreciation for wrapping. Now you can find her at Williston Park and Wantagh meetings wrapping her 2.5 and 6 year old kids! A full time Global Trade Specialist and mom, she can’t imagine her life without wearing and is very grateful for this amazing community!

Maria Berrios


Maria was introduced to babywearing by her cousin, who was an avid wrapper. Her cousin sent her some woven wraps and encouraged her to connect with a local group. Completely overwhelmed by meters of fabric, Maria started to wear her NICU daughter in a K’tan, stretchy wrap, and Lillebaby in 2015, as soon as she was big enough. She later began attending meetings regularly and conquered her fear of the woven wrap. She has been happily wrapping her one year old son since birth and you might find her helping out at the Wantagh and Lindenhurst meets. Babywearing has had a tremendous impact on her daily life since leaving her school administrator position to become a stay-at-home mom.

Melissa Watkins


Melissa didn't wear her oldest except for on vacations and a few other occasions but once number 2 came along it became a necessity. About 6 months in being a mom of 2 she attended her first meeting, became a member, and borrowed a carrier almost every month for a year! While she is most likely done having children and rarely wears her kindergartner or preschooler she loves volunteering to share her love of babywearing.

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